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Neal McDonald, Dearborn Middle School

“I refused to adjust my expectations because of past failures, teacher opinion, socio-economic status, native language, or their own negative internal monologue…they were to take responsibility for their own learning.”

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Katherine K. Merseth, Harvard University

“I teach because when I teach I learn…and I LOVE to LEARN.”

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Michelle Post

“I do care about teaching, but more importantly, I care about students.”

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Joshua Winrotte, Lincoln Junior High School (IN)

“I teach because I am called. I teach because children matter. I teach because I am good at it. I teach because it pays the bills. I teach because I didn’t like anything else.”

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Andrea Finkle, Southwestern Middle School (FL)

“When you are born to something, no amount of measuring can make you into anything else.”

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Maggie Thornton, Charlottesville (VA) High School

“There was an earthquake on my first day as a teacher; it was also the first one I had ever experienced. Some might have seen it as a sign that this wasn’t the profession for me.”

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Veronica Deneumostier, Independence Elementary School

“Each day I not only live, but I love, laugh, and learn. This is why I teach.”

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Pepper Givens, Brownsville Independent School District

“It wasn’t soon after I met Roy that I discovered he liked to draw, and I discovered that I could use drawing as a good incentive to get him to take a stab at the guided reading books I picked out for him. Each day that he successfully read two guided reading books, I let him draw for five minutes at the end of each lesson. This strategy seemed to work, for a while.”

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Jacob Waters, Mastery Charter School-Smedley Elementary

“When I asked him what was wrong, “S” told me that his father had been arrested that morning — handcuffed and thrown in the back of a squad car without any explanation, before he could even said “I love you” or “have a good day.””

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John Bennett, UConn Professor

“We need to help our students learn the value of regular self-assessment: stop and ask what’s happening and how might it go better.”

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