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Kim Wootton, New Tech High @ Coppell

“As a New Tech facilitator, I often feel like that early adventurer who carefully placed his unsteady foot on a fallen log.”

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Alysia D’Urso, Central High School

“I teach because I won’t give up on my kids, on their futures. For their sake, I will rise above the petty stuff and ‘conquer today.’”

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Maggie Thornton, Charlottesville (VA) High School

“There was an earthquake on my first day as a teacher; it was also the first one I had ever experienced. Some might have seen it as a sign that this wasn’t the profession for me.”

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Walleska Lantigua, High School of Telecommunications, Art and Technology

“I remember my first day in front of the classroom. It was not what I expected. I prepared what to say, how to say it and what to do for weeks beforehand, but very few things prepare you for the feeling of standing in front of a classroom of blinking eyelids.”

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Brian Page, Reading High School

“I will not have any son of mine living in a railroad car like I had to in order to pay for a college education.”

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Mehreen Tejani, His Highness Shia Ismaili Council Religious Teacher

“When I teach, my goal is for the students to be comfortable and confident articulating their dual identity.”

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John Thompson, Education Writer/Former OKC Teacher

“I stayed in teaching because of the adrenaline rush from the tragic, the weird and the joyous, and because of their wonderful unpredictability.”

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Shekema Holmes Silveri, Silveri Service Learning Academy

“My advice to any beginning teacher is to first examine your motives.”

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Masha Tarasyuk, High School for Medical Professions

“In my first month as a high school geometry teacher the compasses were used as darts, my handouts trampled, and the lessons, so carefully planned, went unheard above the chatter and I almost forgot the reasons why I started teaching.”

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Dave Reid, Willow Glen High School

“Something called to me for many, many years but I was never tuned in enough to figure out what. Now, I know.”

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