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Maggie Thornton, Charlottesville (VA) High School

“There was an earthquake on my first day as a teacher; it was also the first one I had ever experienced. Some might have seen it as a sign that this wasn’t the profession for me.”

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Joe Hessert, Central Maine Community College

“When I ask Abdi what specifically he’d like help with, he doesn’t speak but points to the F.”

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Heather Roe, Write Reason Tutoring Services

“I teach because it’s important to know that without failure, there is success.”

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Holly Ashley, Rochester Memorial School

“He had been told, ‘You can,’ and so he did.”

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Shekema Holmes Silveri, Silveri Service Learning Academy

“My advice to any beginning teacher is to first examine your motives.”

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Nancy Gardner, Mooresville High School

“How does doing what comes naturally to me have such a profound effect on someone?”

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Esther Wojcicki, Palo Alto High School

“I want to help them develop three sets of skills — interpersonal, organizational and communication — that will help them in every profession and all areas of life.”

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