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Suzie Lak, Sexton Elementary School

“I teach because if I make the difference in the life of one little boy or girl, I have made an impact on the world.”

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Barry Mernin, Hong Kong International School

“Effective teachers must model kindness, compassion, organization, intelligence, flexibility, and collaboration.”

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Veronica Deneumostier, Independence Elementary School

“Each day I not only live, but I love, laugh, and learn. This is why I teach.”

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Pepper Givens, Brownsville Independent School District

“It wasn’t soon after I met Roy that I discovered he liked to draw, and I discovered that I could use drawing as a good incentive to get him to take a stab at the guided reading books I picked out for him. Each day that he successfully read two guided reading books, I let him draw for five minutes at the end of each lesson. This strategy seemed to work, for a while.”

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Vashelle Nino, Mililani High School

“I was an ‘Army Brat.’ I went ten schools in four states and one foreign country, and the disconnect among them really messed me up.”

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Steve Haberlin, Rampello Partnership K-8 School

“The letter began with the following sentence: You have no idea how much you have influenced my son’s life during this short school year.”

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Kristin Appiah, Lawndale Academy

The lesson for me was clear from Day 1: Go the extra mile.

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Krissy Venosdale, Hillsboro School District (MO)

“My second grade teacher was Mrs. Rasmussen. You want to understand the depth of connection I felt with a teacher at age eight? I still remember her room number in the building (120).”

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Holly Ashley, Rochester Memorial School

“He had been told, ‘You can,’ and so he did.”

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J.M. Holland, Head Start

“Being an administrator instead of a teacher feels like an artist walking into someone else’s studio.”

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