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Kim Wootton, New Tech High @ Coppell

“As a New Tech facilitator, I often feel like that early adventurer who carefully placed his unsteady foot on a fallen log.”

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Alysia D’Urso, Central High School

“I teach because I won’t give up on my kids, on their futures. For their sake, I will rise above the petty stuff and ‘conquer today.’”

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Thomas Ehrlich, Stanford Graduate School of Education

“Most students want their teachers to succeed, perhaps almost as much as they want to be successful students themselves.”

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Joseph Murphy, Vanderbilt University

To feel, to share / To dance in celebration / To pass into the shadows / To teach

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Julie Pickhaver, Providence Public Schools

“Unless you are speaking to another teacher, it is almost impossible to explain to someone why we do what we do.”

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Suzie Lak, Sexton Elementary School

“I teach because if I make the difference in the life of one little boy or girl, I have made an impact on the world.”

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Ryan Steuer, Decautur Middle School

“I teach because the news is depressing.”

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Barry Mernin, Hong Kong International School

“Effective teachers must model kindness, compassion, organization, intelligence, flexibility, and collaboration.”

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Ruth Ferree, University of Virginia, Curry School of Education

“As we teach, we experience the joy of learning over and over. Our mirror neurons fire, and our body responds to the successes we observe.”

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Marisa LaValette, Menlo School

“I believe that teachers serve as interpreters for youth.”

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