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Julie Pickhaver, Providence Public Schools

“Unless you are speaking to another teacher, it is almost impossible to explain to someone why we do what we do.”

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Ryan Steuer, Decautur Middle School

“I teach because the news is depressing.”

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Marisa LaValette, Menlo School

“I believe that teachers serve as interpreters for youth.”

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Neal McDonald, Dearborn Middle School

“I refused to adjust my expectations because of past failures, teacher opinion, socio-economic status, native language, or their own negative internal monologue…they were to take responsibility for their own learning.”

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Joshua Winrotte, Lincoln Junior High School (IN)

“I teach because I am called. I teach because children matter. I teach because I am good at it. I teach because it pays the bills. I teach because I didn’t like anything else.”

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Andrea Finkle, Southwestern Middle School (FL)

“When you are born to something, no amount of measuring can make you into anything else.”

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Steve Haberlin, Rampello Partnership K-8 School

“The letter began with the following sentence: You have no idea how much you have influenced my son’s life during this short school year.”

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Heather Roe, Write Reason Tutoring Services

“I teach because it’s important to know that without failure, there is success.”

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George Ganzenmuller, Edwards Middle School

“Something my school principal said last year rang true with me. He said, ‘The only happy people in the world are people who are proud of their work.’”

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Holly Ashley, Rochester Memorial School

“He had been told, ‘You can,’ and so he did.”

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