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Heather S. Roe has taught English Language Arts to middle school students in some of the poorest and wealthiest public school districts in Massachusetts since 1998. She currently runs The Write Reason Tutoring Services in Boston, MA, specializing in designing personalized language arts curriculum for each of her students. In addition to teaching, she tweets and posts on Facebook regularly to provide educational resources to both teachers and parents. When not teaching, she is an avid writer, singer, and songwriter.

I teach because someone who cares needs to take a youth by his hand
and show him that it will be okay, life is scary — but it’s grand.
I teach because it’s important to know that without failure there is success,
We can’t all be superstars, but we can all be our best.

I teach because of the joy it brings when the light bulb is almost glowing
then the smiles or nods appear because the students show they’re knowing.
I teach because of the beauty created when a young mind starts to see
the connections between what she just learned and the greater society.


Heather Roe now works as a writing tutor.

I teach because, to me, it makes the world a better place
when I can share with a youth his opinion is valid as long as he proves his case.
I teach because of each chance I get to take the question asked
and comment so that her pondering will sprout and grow and last.

I teach because of the impact that the slightest little glance
can have on an adolescent when he knows he has a chance.
I teach because, I hope to show every teen to reach really far –
that the most important lesson learned is be true to who they each are.

I teach because it drives me to become a better human being.
I think on my feet, I learn, I grow, I question all that I’m seeing.
I teach because of the passion that burns to make a difference — just a gram.
I teach because I love it. It is simply who I am.

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