Krissy Venosdale, Hillsboro School District (MO)

Krissy Venosdale has taught for 10 years in Missouri. She currently teaches 3-6 gifted education and shares her passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math education with her students. She also maintains a blog.

This is what you’ll frequently hear from outsiders, but I don’t do it for accolades or for bonus pay. I don’t do it for summers off or for snow days. I do it because it’s an amazing journey and kids inspire me.

They inspire me to rise to the challenge of meeting all their needs, ensuring their growth, and of reaching out to build a relationship with every single one who comes into our classroom. Kids inspire me to be better every single day that I walk into the classroom.


When we asked Krissy for a picture, one of the things she sent us was this poster, which hangs in her classroom. Enough said.

My second grade teacher was Mrs. Rasmussen. You want to understand the depth of connection I felt with a teacher at age eight? I still remember her room number in the building (120).

We learned about eagles, poetry, and even had a play about a king who didn’t like the eggs he was being served. We had a huge piece of suet on the window sill that fed the birds — not because we were studying birds, mind you, but because it was interesting. I remember so much from that year. I can still picture our awesome reading corner, talking with my teacher on the playground, and even her little dog that she would bring to school to sleep on her chair while we learned.

That teacher inspired us to do more, think more, and be more.

I teach in hopes I’m that kind of memory for a child. I want to show them how to take risks, to persevere, and to follow their biggest dreams. I want them to understand that the learning journey we are on will never end.

Someday, I hope they look back into our classroom and just remember it — the minute details and the big lessons — because the little flame that was lit in our classroom is still glowing inside them.

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  1. Leonitahappy 16. Nov, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    I love this post. I am a big ole bookworm, but I haven’t alyaws been one. I had trouble learning to read, when finally a teacher took extra time to help me learn. My Mom likes to say that I struggled a lot to read at first but once I learned they could never get me to stop. The Teacher that took that extra time to help me is still my absolute favorite and at 25 I still like to pop in and say hello. He is the Superintendent of our district these days.

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