Careshia Moore, Attorney/Educational Advocate

Careshia Moore is an educator, mom, PTO president and an attorney. You can read more at her blog.

I began my career as a gifted teacher in a public school system in South Florida; back then, I had the unique privilege of teaching at two schools within the district at the same time (I was rotating between the schools to teach gifted classes at each).

One of the schools was attended primarily by students from affluent families and was located in the middle of a beautiful subdivision with million dollar homes; the other school educated students mainly from families of migrant workers and was located in the middle of a small, dusty neighborhood.


Careshia Moore works as a lawyer presently, but her connections to education run deep.

During my two years of teaching in this district, it became painfully obvious that the students in the two schools did not have access to the same resources. This experience left an indelible mark on me. It became apparent to me that my burden and purpose in life was to ensure that all students, regardless of their zip code, had ample opportunity and resources to succeed in life.

Ultimately, I changed professions — I’m no longer a teacher, but an attorney based in the Atlanta area. Even though I departed the classroom, I haven’t left behind the idea of helping students. Aside from being an adjunct lecturer for a university, I recently began a mentoring program for eighth grade girls; here, I facilitate activities and discussions with the girls to educate them on the power they each have to succeed in every facet of life. I’ve had several mentors throughout my careers — and throughout other roles in my life, such as being a mother — and I know that without the seeds of self-esteem, wisdom, and self-awareness they helped to plant, I would not be where I am today. I seek to leave the same impression on the youth of our generation.

I believe so much of education can happen outside of the walls of a school and can include knowledge not contained within standards and teachers’ manuals. Although education chose me, I have chosen to focus on empowering youth and their families to embrace the liberating power of education and exposure.

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  1. Angela Avant 04. Sep, 2012 at 7:23 pm #

    You inspire me.

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