Vashelle Nino, Mililani High School

“I was an ‘Army Brat.’ I went ten schools in four states and one foreign country, and the disconnect among them really messed me up.”

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Jill Silos-Rooney, MassBay Community College

“I help them see the value in understanding the past, and they give me the freedom to be a dreamy-eyed optimist about education and a propagandist for the study of history.”

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Lindsay Morelli, Pre-Service Music Educator

“If I knew ahead of time that I would be leading a portion of rehearsal, I sat in my room the night before planning exactly what we would work on and studying those passages, noting which voice parts had the theme, which notes in the chords needed to be more prominent, and predicted possible blending issues. I totally geeked out, and I’m not ashamed of that!”

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Careshia Moore, Attorney/Educational Advocate

“I believe so much of education can happen outside of the walls of a school and can include knowledge not contained within standards and teachers’ manuals.”

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Steve Haberlin, Rampello Partnership K-8 School

“The letter began with the following sentence: You have no idea how much you have influenced my son’s life during this short school year.”

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Walleska Lantigua, High School of Telecommunications, Art and Technology

“I remember my first day in front of the classroom. It was not what I expected. I prepared what to say, how to say it and what to do for weeks beforehand, but very few things prepare you for the feeling of standing in front of a classroom of blinking eyelids.”

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Brian Page, Reading High School

“I will not have any son of mine living in a railroad car like I had to in order to pay for a college education.”

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Kristin Appiah, Lawndale Academy

The lesson for me was clear from Day 1: Go the extra mile.

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Kerri Greco, Hallwell Memorial School

“Because this was the first year for the new Rhode Island Teacher Evaluation process, things that used to be fun — like performing at concerts and festivals — were now tools that would be used to evaluate me.”

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Mehreen Tejani, His Highness Shia Ismaili Council Religious Teacher

“When I teach, my goal is for the students to be comfortable and confident articulating their dual identity.”

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